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Reparations and Financial Sovereignty Now!

σταματήστε τους γύπεςDear friends, colleagues, comrades – Jubilee South member organizations and friends-

We are asking your urgent support for the attached statement titled «Reparations and Financial Sovereignty Now!, to be submitted August 1 to the «Antiimperialist and Anticolonialist Peoples’ Summit in Defense of Human Rights and the full enforcement of International Treaties and Conventions that regulate relations among States».
This Summit has been convenved by the major Bolivian social movements, in response to recent incidents in Europe, when overflight permission for Bolivian president Evo Morales’ plane was withheld by 4 countries under the pretext t that he was perhaps transporting Edward Snowden.
One of the special themes that the Summit will address is that of «FINANCIAL SOVEREIGNTY» and we are certain that it is an excellent occasion to highlight our perspective and general demands for Nonpayment of colonial and illegitimate debt, reparations, and financial sovereignty, as well as the call to mobilize for Global Debt Week October 15 and in particular, October 15 as global day for non-payment and reparations of all Colonial and Illegitimate Debt.
We welcome you to join us in this submission – with apologies for the short notice.

Reparations and Financial Sovereignty Now!

Colonial Debt – Imperialist Debt – Patriarchal Debt –

Ecological Debt – Economic Debt – Social Debt –

We peoples are the only creditors! 

«The global capitalist financial system is colonial and imperialist. It is a weapon of the powerful countries to subject developing countries and peoples, to privatize and commodify, to subject us to the control of the oligarchy and of anarchic mercantilist capital. We thus should stop recognizing and dismantle the international financial system and its satellites. We call on the peoples and governments of the world to break the chains of bondage of financial colonialism, as only financial and economic sovereignty can allow us to sovereignly decide our future. «

-Evo Morales Ayma, Manifesto of the Isla del Sol, Mandate 10

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